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Interactive Real Estate Mapping


Here at Cartifact we are continuously pushing ourselves to develop creative new maps, graphics, and marketing visuals, hoping to redefine the way our clients are able to present and market their real estate assets.

As available technology continuously evolves, we evolve along with it. We learn new skills every day, and all the while we are racking our brains over how we can reasonably and effectively apply that knowledge to the benefit of our clients while still maintaining our efficient, practical, and effective production workflow.

Here we've taken a dive into interactive mapping to show some of the things that are now possible.

The map style and content is all fully customizable.

We can add layers, remove, and interactive with them, all in a fluid continuous experience.

Nearby amenities - roll over to see tenant name and type

Interactive mapping provides a dynamic way to present a property, and it allows for guided exploration of some of the features of the location.

We added a couple of common features here (amenities and competitors), but we could have gone the whole hog and shown color-coded transit lines, tech firms with logos, and more.

3D browsing functionality